Polarity Thinking

Creating sustainable results for leaders, teams and organizations


Leaders, Teams & Organizations that leverage Polarities outperform those that don't.

What is Polarity Thinking?

A mindset and skillset rooted in two vital thinking competencies:

  1. “Either/or” thinking that solves complicated technical challenges; and,
  2. “Both/and” thinking that leverages ongoing polarity tensions for effectiveness


In today's world of increasing interdependency and complexity, it is vital to utilize problem solving AND both/and thinking to address your most strategic challenges and opportunities. The research is clear - leaders, teams and organizations that leverage Polarities well outperform those that don't. By learning how to leverage your most strategic Polarities (AKA paradox, wicked problems, chronic tensions, dilemmas, etc.) you become more innovative, agile, profitable and competitive immediately and over time.


Healthcare Applications:

The Polarity Approach to Continuity and Transformation (PACT)™ has been applied in the following contexts at all levels of system (individual, team, organization, community):


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